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Barrier Cable Systems, Inc. is a turnkey specialist company in the manufacturing and installation of high performance cable structures and their components. Born from the incorporation of OTB Contracting’s Barrier Cable Division, BCSI builds on years of experience in designing and installing Vehicular Barrier Cable Systems for Parking Garage Structures and Post-tensioning applications.

In a world increasingly concerned by the environmental impact and life cycle costs of construction, BCSI provides the most effective use of materials in terms of material weight/square foot of barrier, the amount of energy or row materials required and typically uses in excess of 75% of recycled materials. For these reasons, high-efficiency cable structures and systems are a key component to increasing the LEED rating for the project.

We hope this site provides useful information and resources to Owners, Engineers and Contractors looking for technical expertise, helpful resources such as generic Specifications, recommendation, references or a cost proposal for a turnkey installation on a Vehicular Barrier Cable or other one of the many other practical applications like Cable Supported Structures, Blast Protection Systems or Progressive Collapse Mitigation.

To learn more about our barrier cable solutions, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or by giving us a call at 866-222-5316 today.